Pitch & Network Events

Attendees present their screenplays or story ideas to attract potential collaborators who can transform the story into a movie. 

Collaborators are encouraged to negotiate their own terms for contributing to a project. 


Workshops will focus on developing projects and training through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. 

Topics Covered - Story Development & Screenwriting, Camera & Lighting Basics, Location Sound Recording, Casting & Directing Actors, Budgeting & Production Scheduling, and Editing.

Screening & Film Challenge Events

The Sacramento Film Project (The Project) will host screenings to showcase films made by its members with special screenings of challenge films made for the 916 Film Challenge.

Networking & Developing Independent Filmmakers

The Sacramento Film Project supports independent filmmakers through events such as Pitch & Network, film screenings, workshops, and The Writer's Group. These events help filmmakers find collaborators, develop their skills, and celebrate their work.

Look Forward to Meeting You!

Attend our virtual and in-person events and connect with fellow filmmakers.  You may find your next collaborator at one of our events.

About Us

The Sacramento Film Project was founded by filmmakers who emphasize furthering microbudget films and new media content in mainstream markets by producing high quality content through strong collaborative efforts. 

Social Media

Sponsors & Advertisers

Contact Us.  We are a diverse and active community of independent filmmakers and new media content creators and hope that you find our community interesting, engaging and suitable for marketing your products or services. 

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